Welcome to talsen ACCELERATE - the work platform for software developers who want to get better every day

With innovative social learning methods and super cool work and web conference rooms you will improve your developer skills while tackling in an efficient way your project challenges.

So let's get started with some of our main features ...

Work environment

Our online work and web conference rooms have multiple functions, including:

  • Shared editor supporting different programming languages
  • Two separeted audio channels, while using the same video chanel, e.g. for making randori katas
  • UML diagrams
  • Test environment
  • Code metrics
  • Video conferencing
  • Chat

Katas - enhance your skill set

Katas are programming sessions, individually or as team, to enhance specific skills and programming performance in various programming languages. Our focus is on:

Test driven development (TDD)
Unit Tests
Parameterized Tests

Object Oriented Principles
Design Patterns


Groups can be public, private or hidden.

Groups can be used for organizing katas (group work sessions) or to discuss specific topics and technologies. To discuss different topics simultaneously, a group can have its own forum.

If the group is public you can join it immediately. If a group is private you will have to request access (inside the group) to join.  If the group is hidden, you will not see it. Only the organizer of the group can invite you if you are connected.

You also can create your own group.


Your profile

Of course you can add a picture, your skills, manage your privacy settings, connections with other members, etc.

News feed

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